Featured Updates

 Coming Soon
  • Expansion of Loomis Order Workflow Tracking In Progress
    Coming: Q2, 2024

    Tracking of all Loomis orders from submission to fulfillment. Is the order packed out? On the route? 

  • Order and Deposit Enterprise Dashboard In Progress
    Coming: Q2, 2024

    Summary of  global expected system orders and deposits, variances, orders sent to third parties, expected orders and pickups......

  • Titan Armored Order Integration In Progress
    Coming: Q2, 2024

    Users with a requirement to send orders to Titan armored carrier via C3 Financial.

  • Closure Factor by Specific Holiday In Progress
    Coming: Q2, 2024

    A location may have a different delivery schedule based on the closure date. Configuration options allow for flexibility in adjustment based on the closure.

  • Descriptive Detail Enhancement - Display Details of Cash Endings In QA
    Coming: Q2, 2024

    A user can view the details of the cashpoints and activity date for the last cash ending balance within descriptive detail

  • Device Management - Rate of Fill In Planning
    Coming: Q3, 2024

    Providing deposit fill device cassettes with user selected % (ex: 80%, 85%, 90%) thresholds for notifications. 

  • Forecasting Enhancement In Progress
    Coming: Q3, 2024

    Deepening the abilities to forecast and train numerous models to account for client and location specific events.

 Recent Updates
  • 2024 — Q1
    Client driven branding/color association as of Mar 15

    Add enterprise logo as well as assign color scheme to the application.

    Knowledge Base Articles

    Activate Branding

    Page Search by Location as of Mar 15

    Users can search for locations without having to set a region filter.


    Central Requisitions: Save user specific filter and view as of Mar 15

    Central Requisitions page will auto save your last filter settings  and table views/groupings. A reset page will let a user return to default settings. 

    Group and sort Central Requisitions based on how you want to work and view items.


    Knowledge Base Articles

    Saved Filters

    New Order +Deposit File Transmission to Southern Cash Solutions as of Mar 1

    Auto Submit Feature - Schedule Run Time as of Jan 25

    Schedule Auto Submit to run at 6:30am, 8:00am, 9:00am or 11:30am EST

    Knowledge Base Articles

    Bulk Action - Auto Submit, Approve, & Fulfill

    Auto Approve Feature - Update to run as part of 3rd party integration as of Jan 25

    A user may have submitted an order, however they neglect to approve the order before the order is swept for transmission to a 3rd party vendor.

    If a location has auto approve feature enabled and an order is in submit status, but user has neglected to approve, the process to sweep the file to the vendor will place the order in approve status.

    Knowledge Base Articles

    Auto Submit & Auto Approve

    On Hover User Notes as of Jan 25

    If a note is entered on an order or deposit, a user can now hover on the note icon to preview the note.


  • 2023 — Q4
    Central Vaults: Updated Configurations to ignore cash in transit as of Dec 1

    When forecasting a Central Vault, there are scenarios where the user does not want the Guidance to include any money previously ordered to vault (in transit) when seeing a recommendation.

    Enhanced User Password Administration as of Oct 25

    Password Configuration settings updated to now include password history limits.

    Knowledge Base Articles

    Password - Configuration

    Performance Dashboard as of Oct 24

    A new dashboard that may be assigned to a role to show concepts to monitor engagement and performance. Days of cash on hand, safety stock actual versus system recommend, variance reasons applied, variance that exceeds target threshold, actual cash versus guidance levels.

    Knowledge Base Articles

    Performance Dashboard

    Residual Report (Updated) as of Oct 24

    Report is now filterable by denomination

    Dynamic Safety Stock as of Oct 20


    Knowledge Base Articles

    Dynamic Safety Stock

    Update to Dynamic Safety Stock as of Oct 20

    A deposit may be as low as 65% based on observations over previous 90 days.

    Warning of Orders Created after Vendor File Sent as of Oct 20

    User will see a message advising of any new order created on the ORDER DATE but AFTER the File Run time. 

  • 2023 — Q3
    Vault Hunter - Advanced Configurations as of Sep 28

    Configuration options to account for multiple scenarios for how a Central Vault may operate.

    Knowledge Base Articles

    Central Vaults - Set up Vault Hunter

    Auto Approve Updates with Orders to 3rd Parties as of Sep 28

    If a location is set up for auto approve feature AND it belongs to an order integration THEN any order in a Submit status will be marked to approve and sent to vendor at first eligible opportunity.

    Knowledge Base Articles

    Auto Submit & Auto Approve

    Central Requisitions - View Approval Cut Off Time as of Sep 28

    Central Requisitions - View Order File Time as of Sep 28

    Any location that belongs to an active integration will now display its system established file transmission time.

    Help Menu/Ticket/Feedback Submission as of Sep 28

    Create a support ticket request, request a feature, submit a testimonial

    New Entity Type "Recycler" as of Sep 28

    Central Requisitions - Filter/View by Vault as of Sep 28

    Filter locations by the Central Vault that they are associated to. Requires a Central Vault entity in the application.

    Cash Breakdown Report - Suggested Mins and Maxs as of Sep 28

    New columns for suggested location minimums and maximums based on delivery schedule and observed demand.

    Order Date added to Requisition pages as of Sep 12

    Client Admin- User Table Updated as of Sep 12

    Each column in user table is searchable via selection of ellipsis. 

    Order Adjustments (Calendar Rules) as of Jul 13

    Users can increase/decrease denomination guidance, update a minimum, ceiling or order condition for a date in the future.

    Knowledge Base Articles

    Add New Calendar Event

    Report Subscriptions - Period Specific Ranges as of Jul 13

    Updated Report Subscriptions for user selected date ranges.

    Knowledge Base Articles

    Report Subscriptions

    Allow Carry Cost for Decimal Entry as of Jul 13

    Reports calculate benefits using a carry cost that is kept in the Institution settings. This carry cost supports two decimal entry.

    Knowledge Base Articles

    Institution - Details

  • 2023 — Q2
    Davis Carrier Integration as of Jun 6

    Clients that work with "Davis" as armored carrier can generate file based orders.

    Knowledge Base Articles

    Map a 3rd Party Integration

    Cash Point Carry Forward Rules as of May 18

    A LP Admin can set a rule for the # of consecutive days before a cash point stops carrying forward

    Knowledge Base Articles

    Cash Point Carry - Limit Number of Days

    Corporate America Order File Integration as of May 18

  • 2023 — Q1
    Auto Fulfill Deposit Feature as of Mar 16

    When enabled and assigned to a location any deposits not in Fulfill status will be incremented as such on the expected service date.

    Knowledge Base Articles

    Auto Fulfill

    OKTA SSO - New Identity Provider as of Mar 16

    Knowledge Base Articles

    Okta Single Sign-on Set-up Guide (SSO)

    Report Menu Categories as of Mar 16

    Reports are grouped by logical categories to make report searching more logical.

    Warning for Order Creation after Approval Cut Off time as of Jan 19